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By the time she had arrived she was exhausted and she dragged herself onto the white sand, she sat up. The sun was glazing in her eyes as a fuzzy figure moved towards her. After a while she saw that it was an old lady. She then asked “Where are we?” “Africa!” said the lady and continued on her way.Slowly she swam back to boat and climbed onto the anchor heaving herself onto the boat. “We are in Africa” she said to the nearest sailor “go tell everyone else, now!”As soon as she saw the man she scurried to her feet, grabbed her coat and hurried outside.

This “lost in translation” example comes from the innocent misuse of the word regurgitate. Medically speaking, regurgitate is similar to vomiting, but there is an important difference. When a dog regurgitates, a forceful heave ho and wretch are missing. The food or liquid comes back up without an increase in abdominal pressure. Picky, I know, but, as a veterinarian,bubble balls, this information is diagnostically critical. Dogs and cats that regurgitate have an esophageal problem, and those that vomit typically have a problem further down the digestive tract. This picky distinction directs my diagnostic evaluation, so I have to get it right or I bark up the wrong diagnostic tree,bubble soccer, so to speak.

A good one will take the question you’ve asked here, look at what you have in your closet now, and either make recommendations or even do the shopping for you then return what doesn’t work. They absolutely love to design classic, timeless, and flattering wardrobes! Google keywords like image advisor, wardrobe consultant, personal shopper, fashion stylist, etc. to find someone near you. Or, contact the personal shoppers at your favorite department store. They’ll provide similar services for free, but with a less personalized approach..

Once surrounded by poverty and war, Alek Wek now a rare, enduring supermodel who has succeeded without losing her roots. Initially famous for her work in videos for Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, it was a 1997 Elle cover shoot that made the modeling world appreciate her uniqueness. Clinique, Victoria Secret and Banana Republic were some of her ad clients during her prime,indy soccer, while runway gigs for Chanel,big soccer balls, Dior and Valentino also became regular occurrences. Named MTV Model of the Year in 1997 and later chosen as Best New Model at the Venus de la Mode Fashion Awards, Alex Wek was recently listed at No. 20 on Channel 5 list of the World Greatest Supermodels.

Cut down on your actual mall time and stress by buying as many gifts as possible online in advance of your shopping outing. Since you’re shopping early in the holiday season, you won’t have to worry about them getting shipped to you on time (or if they’re gifts you have to ship to friends and family, pay for gift wrap when you check out and have them shipped directly to them and save yourself time at the post office!). Wear shoes you can walk in comfortably all day and use a purse that you can wear crossways so that your arms and hands are free (you’ll need them to carry your shopping bags, after all).

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