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Soft Speaker Pillow Speaker

So you’re lying in bed and you want to keep listening to your favorite NPR program but your mate has to get up early and wants to go to sleep. What do you do? You could get up and go in the other room. You could begin dividing up your belongings and part ways. Or, better yet, you could simply plug in your SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker and continue to enjoy the show while your partner enjoys some sleep.

The first of its kind, the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker is the perfect combination of comfort, privacy and quality. Plug it into the earphone jack of any radio,
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cards agianst humanity, and tune in. The speaker is padded in soft foam, with a cover so teddy bear soft, that you can rest your ear right on it. That means you can set the volume low and still enjoy the highest music and voice fidelity ever available in a pillow speaker. The quality construction of the speaker,
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cards against humanity print, removable cover ensure that you’ll enjoy reliable, crystal clear sound.

Features:The first pillow speaker soft enough to lay your ear directly onFrequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Speaker type: Neodymium Ferrous Boron (Rare Earth Magnet) Super plush washable cover 6.5 foot cord with 1/8″ jack and a high flex cord restraint for reliability 1 year Warranty

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