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Leftovers Are Like Finding Money When You Cook On a Budget,
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Cooking everyday at home is a great way to cook on a budget. But sometimes, the habits I want you to enjoy cooking at home by examining basic cooking methods and perhaps taking cooking classes online to further your journey in your cooking. My goal is to help you pay for these cooking classes by saving you at least that much in your food budget everyday.

Previously, we’ve talked about saving food in purchasing, storing, and portioning to get the greatest effect if you’re cooking on a budget. But, many of these skills take time to develop and perfect. If you’re not cooking like a chef at home yet, the likelihood is that you have some over purchasing, over cooking,
cards against humanity best, or over portioning that has lead to leftovers.

How you use your leftovers can make a great impact on your everyday cooking budget, but there are few recipes that you can find dealing specifically with leftovers when cooking at home.

Here’s where you need basic cooking methods to be able to create something regardless of what the ingredients are. Our online cooking classes concentrate on the basic methods behind cooking that will empower you to create great meals from any of the ingredients you have on hand. This is especially useful when preparing something from the result of your everyday cooking leftovers.

For the best use of leftovers, try to keep ingredients separate before presentation. For example, cook a chicken breast and then top it with sauce,
cards with humanity, one plate at a time. This way, if you have leftover chicken,
cards against humanity cards, it doesn’t have tomato sauce on it and can be made into chicken salad for lunch the next day. Or, it can be shredded and rolled into a tortilla for a burrito, but it won’t taste like last night’s chicken.

You can even plan your leftovers in advance. Using the knowledge of your family’s portions, let’s say you purposely cook pound of shrimp more than you need for tonight’s dinner. You set this over cooking aside, prepared to make shrimp salad or shrimp tacos tomorrow evening. This not only saves time, but money also by making two satisfying meals, rather than one over portioned meal and some leftovers that are discarded later.

When you’re cooking at home everyday and you’re left with leftovers, or have even planned for leftovers, HOW you treat the food afterward can double your savings and protect your cooking budget.

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